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What are we about?

What are we about?

At Ellicium be ready for contagious excitement, worthy challenges and enriching learning experience every day. We trust in the process of failing fast and learning fast.

You will find ‘Ellicians’ putting their heart to get the perfect dish during our monthly potlucks or arguing over best Nolan movie during lunch breaks. It is all about having fun!

We are passionate people with immense love for what we do and we are proud of what we have created! .

Our Key Values



Empowering individuals to reach new heights and achieve their ambitious goals.


Collaborating to achieve extraordinary results and support each other’s success.


Providing continuous learning and development opportunities, unlocking your full potential.


Building a supportive and inclusive community where we make a positive impact together.

Perks and Benefits

Businesses need to make better and faster decisions by analyzing data to stay competitive and future-ready

Targeted Bonus Program

Targeted Bonus Program

Health Care

Health Care

Competitive Salary

Competitive Salary

Life Inside Ellicium

Life Inside Ellicium

‘Family Spirit’ is the heart of everything that we do at Ellicium. Be it fun, learning, or being together through thick and thin!

Open Positions

Dot Net Developers

Primary skills: Dot Net
Years of experience: 6 – 8

Machine Learning Engineer

Primary skills: ML+AI
Years of experience: 5+

React Developer

Primary skills: React JS
Years of experience: 3 – 4

Node Developer

Primary skills: Node JS
Years of experience: 3 – 4

Big Data Engineer

Primary skills: Java/Scala/Python, Apache Spark, HDFS and Hive
Years of experience: 2 – 4

Azure Data Engineer

Primary skills: Databricks, ADF
Years of experience: 2 – 4

Dot Net Architect

Primary skills: Dot Net Core, Design Pattern, Microservice, MVC Architecture, Database(NO SQL and sql)
Years of experience: 12 – 15

Tableau Developer

Primary skills: Tableau
Years of experience: 3 – 5

Power BI Developer

Primary skills: Power BI
Years of experience: 3 – 5

RPA Tech Lead

Primary skills: RPA
Years of experience: 5+

Snowflake Architect

Primary skills: Snowflake
Years of experience: 8+

C# Developer

Primary skills: C#, .Net
Years of experience: 2+

SQL/SSIS Developer

Primary skills: SQL, SSIS
Years of experience: 4-6+

Incident Manager

Primary skills: Salesforce, ServiceNow
Years of experience: 15+

SRE- AI Infrastructure

Primary skills: Containers, Kubernative, Devops, Python, Golang, TDD, Linux
Years of experience: 5-7+

SRE- Cloud Native

Primary skills: Containers, Kubernative, Devops, Python, Golang, TDD, Linux
Years of experience: 5-7+

Sr Talend ETL Developer

Primary skills: SQL, Talend, SSIS, SSRS
Years of experience: 8+

Data QA

Primary skills: SQL, QA
Years of experience: 6+

Talend ETL Developer

Primary skills: SQL, Talend, SSIS, SSRS
Years of experience: 3-6+

Snowflake Data Engineer

Primary skills: Snowflake, SQL
Years of experience: 4-8+

Infra Support L1/L2

Primary skills: Linux
Years of experience: 4-7+

Big Data Architect

Primary skills: Big Data
Years of experience: 8+

Azure Data Architect/ Solution Architect

Primary skills: Azure Data Analytics, Big Data, Data Warehousing, ETL, MDM Projects/Products
Years of experience: 7-8+

Data Science

Primary skills: Python + ML
Years of experience: 2-4

Senior Azure Data Engineer

Primary skills: Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse, Azure Spark, Azure SQL, Azure Data Lake, and Azure App Service
Years of experience: 4+

UI Developer

Primary skills: NodeJs, React
Years of experience: 3+

CDP Admin

Primary skills: Hadoop (CDP) ecosystem, Data Lake and Data Warehouse
Years of experience: 4+

Accounts Executive

Primary skills: Tally, Excel
Years of experience: 3-4

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