Machine Learning Engineer

Primary skills: ML+AI
Years of experience: 5+ Years

Mandatory Skills:

  • Good communication
  • Python – Intermediate Level
  • ML and Deep Learning – understanding of basics, some practical experience using Python for ML and DL.
  • Deep Learning – Artificial Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks – non-development Intermediate Level
  • QA/Test – Performance tests execution, recording the results and comparing across the runs.
  • Basics of Linux command line.
  • NLP – Basics
  • Knowledge of Pytorch and Tensorflow
  • Assist external parties to upload required code and data into an air gapped environment
  • Scan code and data for malicious code, viruses, etc.
  • Follow procedures to provision and store scanned models and code in the appropriate secure mount point and secure GitHub repo
  • Verify the model runs on CPU
  • Run model on GPU and gather performance and accuracy characteristics
  • Evaluate the model for any nodes that are not supported at this moment
  • Work with CE to determine if an alternate node should be used or if a Feature
  • Request needs to be filed
  • Provide feedback through Salesforce Service Cloud Case mechanism
  • Run the model and gather performance and accuracy characteristics
  • Compare the number with Customer Engineering and determine if specific feature engineering teams need to be engaged to improve model performance or accuracy.
  • Keep continuous updates on the stage the porting efforts are in and provide realistic ETAs back to Customer Engineering.
  • Evaluation of the existing model libraries to ensure that there are no performance or regressions on a new software release
  • Identify and areas that can be automated within this entire process
  • Provide feedback on all stages of the operation to Customer Engineering

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