Incident Manager

Primary skills: Salesforce, ServiceNow
Years of experience: 15+ Years

Minimum Required:

  • Familiarity with incident-based ticket management tools.
  • Running NOC, Designing and Rolling Processes, Running regular calls, Running Outage calls, RCA, etc.
  • Should be well versed with L3 Support activity and responding to a reported service incident, identifying the cause, and initiating the incident management process.
  • Overseeing the incident management process and team members involved in resolving the incident.
  • Prioritizing incidents according to their urgency and influence on the business.
  • Producing documents that outline incident protocols such as how to handle cybersecurity threats or how to correct server failures.
  • Collaborating with the incident management team to ensure that all protocols are diligently followed.
  • Logging all incidents and their resolution to see if there are recurring malfunctions.
  • Adjusting the incident management process as required to ensure its effectiveness.
  • Communicating with upper management if major issues are found in the IT system.
  • Managing the incident team members by re-assigning workloads and re-scheduling non-urgent tasks.
  • Efforts estimation and team management including compiling team goals, as well as people’s goals with KRAs.
  • Configure and troubleshoot the issue with RAID configurations using tools like mdadm and smartctl.
  • Knowledge of PCI and PCIe and troubleshoot PCI issues using tools like lspci and lshw as well as standard networking protocols like.
  • Spanning Tree (STP, different types), LAG, VLAN (tagged vs untagged).
  • Hosting from the Service Processor from the host using tools like RKVM, IPMI tool.
  • Keep continuous updates on the stage the porting efforts are in and provide realistic ETAs back to Customer Engineering .
  • Evaluation of the existing model libraries to ensure that there are no performance or regressions on a new software release.

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