Infra Support L1/L2

Primary skills: Linux
Years of experience: 4 – 7+ Years

Minimum Required:

  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English with a friendly and helpful attitude.
  • Familiarity with ticket-based case management and ability to notify and escalate on back channels [L3 Support and developers] to local and remote management while staying engaged technically with the customer
  • Ability to rapidly research through both internal and external knowledge base while maintaining engaged with the customer
  • Configure and troubleshoot the issue with RAID configurations using tools like mdadm and smartctl
  • Knowledge of PCI and PCIe and troubleshoot PCI issues using tools like lspci and lshw as well as standard networking protocols like Spanning Tree (STP, different types), LAG, VLAN (tagged vs untagged)
  • Hosting from the Service Processor from the host using tools like RKVM, IPMI tool
  • Knowledge of booting a system in order to run a rescue process, interact with Red Hat and Ubuntu Support and diagnostic collection with tools such as SOSReport, case filing techniques and configuration file locations and related commands such as user*, group*, id, getent, passwd, etc.
  • Describe the configuration and troubleshooting of users and groups as well as setup of crontab scheduling, log rotation and configuration of Auditing
  • Log file locations / assess OS health using the journalctl command and flags/switches
  • Describe how to use both RedHat and Ubuntu Services management and how to start, stop and debug a failing service as well as the packaging for both Red Hat and Ubuntu and how to upgrade, downgrade and troubleshoot failures using tools such as apt, yum, dnf, etc.
  • System performance monitoring using tools such as top, mem, strace, iostat, vmstat, htop, iotop
  • Understand basic IP services like routing, netstat -r, name services, DNS, and shell scripting specifically bash
  • Configure IP number as per standard ‘classes’ and configure and troubleshoot sshd
  • Should have understanding of the difference between containers and VMs
  • Data Center Interaction: Configure and troubleshoot NFS storage, LDAP, DNS configurations
  • Manage a ‘managed switch’, simple troubleshooting of port-down, Firewall and NAT knowledge, accessing ‘mgmt interface’ and ‘serial console’.

Nice to Have:

  • Strong understanding of ITIL Service Management
  • Utilize and analyze output of tools such as eBPF, linux perf
  • Use GDB to analyze application and operating system core files
  • Knowledge of Docker configuration, Kubernetes and podman
  • Demonstrated Experience with load balancers
  • VM configuration and control systems (VMWare or similar)
  • Juniper (JunOS) specific working knowledge
  • VPN endpt to endpt knowledge [Setup, Troubleshooting, Handling pre-share key (sensitive)
  • Python

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