Measuring and Analyzing Fan Followership of Cricket League in India

Cricket is not just a game it’s a life changer game

One of the biggest Sporting properties in India is Indian Premier League. It is treated as a format of worship where Cricket is considered as a religion.

In this blog we will go through some of the analysis using Indian Premier League data and will compare the growth of Indian Premier League with its peer leagues.

Combines social reach: People across the globe are very excited and passionate about the sports. Whether it is a football match from European and American country or Cricket from India, people follow, love, and invest money and time to cheer their team to win.

Let’s have a quick glance at the most popular sports leagues in the world based on average attendance.

Most watched sports leagues in the world

  • Combines social reach is calculated across Facebook, Instagram, twitter & YouTube of the individual league. In the last release of IPL has an all-out participation of 32,800 observers by and large
  • NBA is founded in 1946 whereas IPL is in 2008, when looking at major tournaments, we see IPL has easily outstripped rest of the teams.

  • Revenue: All around the world, the games business has been assessed to worth more than $620 billion. This demonstrates that expert games are large business in this day with cash being created from ticket deals or occasions, arena rentals, broadcasting bargains, betting, and sponsorships.
Most Profitable Sports Leagues in The World
  • To have taken the fourth spot, with numbers well over any semblance of hockey and surprisingly the best football associations say a lot about the Indian Premier League.
  • An association with only 8 groups that regularly play for only two months in an entire year, makes in an incredible $7 billion in revenue.
  • Sponsorship Earning: The Indian cricket board is prepared to procure big amount of money by means of Indian Premium League 2021 Sponsorships. The Indian Cricket League focal sponsorship incomes for BCCI saw a practically half drop in Indian Premium League 2020 however the equivalent is set to twofold this year.
Sponsorship Revenues for BCCI
  • Their Sponsorship incomes have developed to 708 Crores this year for BCCI. Indian Premium League 2020 in correlation produced just 400 Cr incomes on a similar record – this implies BCCI is good to go to acquire practically twofold from the sponsorship incomes.
  • Upstox turned into the fifth brand of Indian Premium League official accomplice. Vivo is the title support while Dream11, Unacademy, and Cred are true official accomplices. Paytm and Ceat are umpire and strategic time-out accomplices respectively.
Social Media Followers: It has an enormous fan following on social media. Consolidating the followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Indian Premium League has over 34.7 million adherents as of today.
Popular teams on social media
  • Most popular team on social media: Chennai Super Kings
  • Least popular team on social media: Rajasthan Royals
  • Most popular team on Facebook: Kolkata Knight Riders

To know how keen the audience is with the match and team we need to have engagement analysis also which will tell us about sum of likes shares and comments. The platform for this includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, news sources, blogs etc.

Engagement between April 9-26, 2021

  • Chennai Super Kings seems to have the total highest engagement with 12.1 million, followed by Mumbai Indians.
  • CSK team key stars like MS Dhoni which adds up more to the social media mentions related to CSK posts.
  • Their brand engagement is also high.
  • Brand Value: Indian Premium League 2020 was momentous in more than one way including how fans could watch. Void arenas in the UAE, because of COVID-19, implied fans were solely observing live broadcast matches. Mostly as compared to last year, the online viewership of matches went down from a normal of 18-20 million live watchers to 4-6 million watchers in 2020 year.

Cricket League Business Valuation

    • In 2020, the worth of the Indian Premier League added up to around 4.4 billion U.S. dollars.
    • It had the most noteworthy attendance among all cricket associations on the planet and was positioned 6th average attendance among all sports leagues in 2014.
    • Google Trend Analysis: Such was the effect of the competition among people that the Indian Premium League ended up being the topmost pattern on Google for the year 2020. In addition to that, It was positioned fifth in Google’s worldwide patterns, which says a lot about the prominence of the competition in India as well as from one side of the planet to the other.

    Below is the trend analysis with top engaged teams of Indian Premium League.




    Google Trend Team Analysis


    • In April CSK was trending the most among its peers.
    • Overall if we conclude then, search of IPL teams during the IPL matches are exponentially increasing with year to year. 

    India’s adoration for cricket couldn’t be kept down as the Indian Premier League gave some delight to the cricket insane country.

    In 2021, CSK not only won the trophy, but also emerged team as per our analysis explained above. We can extend this analysis pattern to one or multiple franchises of IPL or any other sport events.


    ~Astha Mattoo

    Senior Consultant