A Half Decade of Great Learnings At Ellicium

A Half Decade of Great Learnings At Ellicium

“If you are offered a seat on a rocket, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” — Sheryl Sandberg

I got a seat, not on a rocket, but in a start-up. After working for a decade in a government organization, I took a career break of 5 years to look after my family. During my break, I was restless and itching to return to work. Hence, I was in search of such a job where I could focus my career, develop new skills, and simultaneously handle responsibilities at home. That’s when I found a ray of hope named “Ellicium.” I joined this startup in 2014.

Initially, it took work to work full-time as a Finance Manager. I had to manage balance sheets and cash flows while caring for my kids and parents at home. Added to this was the uncertainty of a startup and working with a variety of stakeholders like bankers, chartered accountants, auditors. Life was complex and truly a challenge. Initially, at Ellicium, life was full of uncertainties like cash-flow issues, compliance needs, making all payments on time including salaries etc ….just like most other startups.

Through the years I have grown not only as a finance head but also as a person. Recently I completed 5 years at Ellicium and what a journey it has been. What is a journey without its ups and downs? I have learned a lot from my time as an Ellician.

Some of my learnings are

  • Look for good mentors: I am very lucky that I got very good moral support from all my seniors. They treated me like their friend and encouraged me to learn more.
  • Optimism is the key: The most important thing I learned is the optimistic view of all team members and have a positive attitude towards the future of the organization.
  • Work satisfaction: Whatever work you are doing, if done with concentration and passion – gives you work satisfaction.
  • Diversity helps you grow: I am working with a variety of different employees from different age groups who speak 6-7 different languages. This really helps you to grow as an individual.
  • Don’t lose sight of your priorities: Family should always be our top priority. Ellicium’s working hours helped me to handle both responsibilities.
  • Learn to have fun while working: Ellicium’s working atmosphere leads everyone to work and at the same time have great fun. We celebrate various occasions like Diwali, Holi, Navratra, Secret Santa on Christmas, etc. This certainly helps all Ellicians to relax and enjoy working here.

Fast forward to 2019 – completion of 5 years.

I am very thankful to all Ellicians for always positively contributing a lot to my journey as an Ellician. The greatest gift anyone can give another person is self-belief. Ellicium has given me this gift. I would not be where I am today without you. You all have been such an integral part of my career. I really feel so amazing working in a positive atmosphere at Ellicium. I wish to celebrate many more years at Ellicium !

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy. – Paulo Coelho