Legal Discovery using Artificial Intelligence saved $ 1 m

This is a story about how Ellicium Gadfly platform, using artificial intelligence, revolutionized the way this Legal Process Outsourcing firm provides legal discovery services to its clients.

Our client is a  leading legal services firm headquartered in Chicago, with a global presence. The company specializes in contracts, litigation & investigations, compliance and legal analytics. It is one of the top ranked LPOs as per Frost and Sullivan.


Our client is  a legal process outsourcing leader in providing Income Tax related legal updates to law firms in the US. There are about 2600 federal, state and local websites that regularly publish relevant content for income tax analysts. The process of extracting relevant content from various websites involved a team of 15 legal experts manually do downloading websites that have changed, analysing the changes and deciding if the change is relevant and then summarizing the change for consumption by the clients.

Challenges with this process involved the following

  • Repetitive process susceptible to manual errors
  • Labour and time intensive process often resulting in delays in availability of final output
  • Poor job satisfaction to highly skilled legal experts due to non-core work, resulting in attrition issues

Solution: Ellicium Gadfly framework for Legal Discovery

Ellicium worked with the legal experts at Mind crest to increase the efficiency of the process using artificial intelligence. Ellicium Gadfly framework used for this purpose.

The work of monitoring the websites and downloading changed content was automated using Python based Data Robots, part of Gadfly framework. Next the focus was on automating the highly complex task of classifying the documents and websites. Inputs gathered from legal experts on patterns used to classify the documents. The patterns configured in the machine learning algorithms and various algorithms tested for accuracy. Readily available algorithms in the Gadfly framework made the task of testing various algorithms quick and easy.

Manual document classification and automated classification using artificial intelligence executed in parallel for one month to benchmark the accuracy of the process.

The revised process involved following steps

  • Monitoring of all 2600 websites using automated monitoring scripts
  • Downloading of relevant content using automated robots using Python scripts
  • Classification of downloaded content using artificial intelligence algorithms.


As a direct result of automation of complex tasks,

  • Average execution time of the entire process was reduce from 12 hours a day to 3 hours a day.
  • Manpower requirement for executing the process came down from 15 resources to 2 resources.
  • Discover new relevant legal insights that skipped due to manual processing.
  • Overall accuracy of the automate process found to be 98%.

Overall, adding ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to the Legal Discovery would result in a cost saving of $ 1 million over a 3 year period!!!
Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier in RegTech (Regulatory technology) and Legal Discovery.

Ellicium Gadfly Platform has proved to be a cost effective and efficient solution for seamless automation of regulatory and legal processes.