Enterprise Analytics For A Jewelry Manufacturing Company

About the Client

Our client is Asia’s leading diamond jewelry manufacturer, supplier, and exporter

Business Requirement

  • On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, over 1500 excel-based reports were manually created
  • Due to manual data processing, there is a lack of trust in data
  • Another team of business analysts was required to convert reports to insights, which slowed decision-making
  • The reports were not shared with senior management which caused delay

Our Solution

  • Ellicium created a DWH for analytical reporting to create a single version of the truth that connected all departments
  • Data extraction from ERP to Power BI using automated data processing Dashboards made possible
  • Dashboards with AI predictions for each department (e.g., sales, production, inventory, and finance)
  • Business Insights are now available on mobile, tablet, and online for quicker access and decision-making

Solution Architechture

Business Outcomes

  • Faster insights to the senior management was provided
  • Team size reduced from 8 to 3 which resulted in reduction in manual intervention
  • 2 person weeks of effort saved every week