Cloud Based Data Archival For A Leading Paper Manufacturer

About the Client

Our client is amongst the leading top 10 paper manufacturing companies in India and has operating revenues range over INR 500cr

Business Requirement

  • Support for the hardware and software was required
  • Maintenance cost is high
  • Skills sets are available for older applications and complex business logic
  • Integration with third-party applications

Our Solution

  • 23000 tables in Oracle ERP migrated as is in the data lake
  • About 300 summary tables for ease of reporting
  • Look up tables created from spreadsheets provided by business users

Process Flow

Cloud Based Data Archival

Business Outcomes

  • Total cost of ownership of legacy data reduced by 90%
  • Manpower requirement for supporting legacy data reduced by 75%
  • The company could retire Oracle ERP resulting in total cost saving of $ 0.5 million over 2 years
  • Time to access critical reports came down from average of 6 hours to 15 minutes due to redesigned reporting system in the data lake