About the Client

A healthcare product startup in the US. The product collects and
analyzes patient information by integrating health systems using HL7

Business Requirements

  • Develop a robust, generalized framework for healthcare data management
  • Centralized Master data management (MDM) should be gatekeeper of entire database
  • Leverage cloud platform to optimize TCO
  • Generalize business rules for healthcare and enable reuse of business rules

Our Solution

  • Developed centralized MDM module to hold data of patients, physician
  • Generalized reusable rules for disease identification, severity of disease
  • Summary tables to store patient level data about insurance plan, number of visits, visit duration, association with physician etc.

Solution Architecture

Business Outcomes

  • 90% accuracy in analytics
  • Robust solution for healthcare data management
  • MDM System enabled high level of Data Quality and end user confidence in
    the Healthcare Platform