About Gadfly

Gadfly is a platform for management and analytics of unstructured data.A gadfly is a person, who interferes with the status quo of a society by posing a novel, potently upsetting questions. Our decades of experience has taught us to uncover novel and challenging questions to business and we do this primarily using unstructured data. Hence we call ourselves ‘gadfly’ of the business world! Ellicium’s Gadfly is a framework for analyzing unstructured data generated through Human interactions, extracting relevant information and presenting the intelligence.


Social media data

Email exchanges

Legal and contractual documents

Interview texts, meeting notes

Customer interaction with sales, service and other departments


Defining Big Data implementation roadmap and governance processes.

Enhancing ROI on Big Data initiatives

Enhancing performance and efficiency of Big Data systems.

Giving access to the necessary Big Data skills.

Implementation of comprehensive security frameworks for Big Data systems.

About Gazelle

Gazelles are known as swift animals. They run at a sustained high speed. Ability to run swiftly at high data speeds is very important for managing streaming data that is becoming core to the business applications today. Ellicium Gazelle is a framework for management and analytics of high velocity, streaming data.

What Gazelle does?

Telemetrics data

Stock exchange data feeds

Mobile data streams

Real time weather data

Sensor data coming from IoT devices

High velocity social media data such as tweets

Insights about Gazelle

Remote monitoring of industrial assets using sensors

Predicting failure for machines using sensor data.

Insurance policy pricing by using telematics data.

Real time customer experience measurement for telecom companies. Fraud detection using real time transactional data.

About Manufacturing intelligence

Ellicium Manufacturing Intelligence framework is a comprehensive web-based Analytics Manufacturing Enterprise. The solution translates manufacturing data intelligence to drive Operational Excellence.

This framework connects to multiple sources, platforms & social media and compiles all the data in a Data Warehouse to provide powerful visual summaries, including dashboards, reports, and analytics. This framework addresses key business needs from planning to production, OEE, quality management, procurement, inventory management, and costing.

The solution is equipped to facilitate input and track action items, enables end-users to perform their own “what if” analysis, provides a fully customized platform to quickly get to the root cause of problems.


Instills a culture of Ownership & Performance

Increased Profitability

Streamlined Business Process Efficiency

Increased Customer Loyalty

Addresses Data Quality at multiple stages

Self Service facility: Independence to Business Users

Lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership

Key Features

Master Data

  • Consolidated & Consistent view of data
  • Critical Success Factor: before, during and after
  •  ERP implementation

Business Warehouse

  • The single version of the truth: an integrated view of business
  • Information repository from all sources & ensuring 100% data quality

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • KPI Library supports Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma & TPM initiatives
  • It helps to link performance measures to organizational goals

Business Dashboards

  • Automated and self-service functionalities
  • Ability to track action items
  • Helps decision-makers to perform root cause analysis and identify areas of improvements


  • Predictive Analytics for forecasts, losses, OEE, maintenance & profitability
  • Foundation for “Pro-active decision making”

Intelligence & Review

  • Pointers, alerts and exception reports along with trend analysis
  • Continuous portfolio monitoring along with suitable recommendations

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Contract Abstraction

Legal divisions of companies and law firms have a lot of paper contracts that are kept in file drawers or managed using spreadsheets. This kind of storage method is burdensome. Also it cannot guarantee that crucial dates and payment terms are going to be addressed and the case-specific keyword phrases or clauses will be used. The technique of manually saving, checking, extracting and handling contracts is lengthy, high-priced and comes with associated risk.

Contract abstraction includes taking out crucial terms, clauses, dates as well as other relevant data from papers. This helps you to save time and effort as well as resources, thus improving internal efficiency and guaranteeing legal conformity across the contract lifecycle.

Advantages of contract abstraction:

Save huge costs and get your time back

Proven accuracy and consistency

Reduce attrition rate which stems from excruciating tasks

On-premise or cloud-based

Disadvantages of manual contract abstraction:

Labor and time-intensive

Repetitive tasks

Susceptible to manual errors

Incurs huge costs

Ellicium Gadfly Contract Abstraction framework is an AI-based engine to abstract legal contracts. Features of our contract abstraction framework are as follows:

Easy to use framework that lets legal experts abstract contracts speedily. Minimal support required from IT teams.

Our AI-based contract abstraction framework has been trained to abstract various types of contracts such as MSAs, NDAs, labor contracts, IT outsourcing contracts etc.

The framework has been enriched by constant inputs from our legal SMEs.

About Data Masking – Vernika

Protecting customer data and ensuring privacy is becoming a business-critical need. However, to ensure speedy development of IT solutions, data availability is essential. Thus, data privacy and data availability for software development can become contradictory objectives at times.

  • Data privacy norms such as GDPR prevent accessing real data for development purposes.
  • Access to personal data in banks, life science and insurance companies is getting difficult.
  • Data available in development regions may be very small in volume and insufficient for development and testing.
  • Sample data available may not reflect real life data patterns.
  • Generating data is very challenging given complex interrelationships and dependencies.

Ellicium’s Varnika is a framework for overcoming these challenges. Varnika is a comprehensive data masking and test data generation framework to address modern day data needs for software development ensuring data privacy is not compromised.

Varnika lets you do the following :

Generate test data

Varnika can be configured to generate various types of datasets. This includes generating data by specifying elements required, generating time series data required for modern applications such as IoT and generating domain specific data for banking, insurance and healthcare.

Mask production data

Varnika lets you mask data from files and databases. Critical elements such as names, SSN, phone, dates, amounts etc. can be masked to protect data privacy.

Important features of Varnika include the following

Masking is irreversible. Users cannot trace masked data back to the original data.

Highly configurable framework with user intervention at each point to ensure highly usable data.

Data Generation feature available – data can be generated without any reference to source data.

No limit on the number of records to be generated or masked.

This is a cognitive masking tool. Relationships between elements in the same table or across tables will be maintained.

Distribution of data maintained using sophisticated Copula functions.

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