Robotic Process Automation

What Is The Service?

Cognitive automation is the application of AI and Machine Learning techniques for automation of human tasks. It involves simulation of human thought process mainly by using computer vision and Language and speech recognition.

Over the last 5 years, we at Ellicium have solved many interesting challenges using Cognitive Automation. Our focus has been on language and pattern recognition of text to automate tasks mainly in Banking, Insurance and Legal industry.


  • Automated classification and summarization of legal documents.
  • Automation of loan approval processes by extensive text analytics.
  • Automated abstraction of critical data from legal contracts and financial documents.

What Are The Benefits?

Cognitive automation helps to increase the efficiency of business processes by achieving the following:

Mitigates Margin of human error

Automates repetitive tasks that require human knowledge and judgement.

Increases Business process efficiency

Higher Work Accuracy

Correct allocation of work to human resource

Operating Cost Reduction

Reduced Response Time

Success Stories

Cognitive automation of legal document summarization leads to a saving of $1 M

Ellicium helps a leading audit firm leverage cognitive automation for automated regulation monitoring.

Technology Expertise

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