Reporting And Dashboards

What Is The Service?

Best decisions are informed decisions. Visual representation of data is required by all organisations to have a meaningful display of their data while focusing on the clarity, coherence, timeliness and relativity of the business objective.

Ellicium helps businesses make an impact to keep an edge against their competition by consolidating and visualizing the meaning/value of your data by using the latest technologies and business in-practice processes. With the help of visualisations and dashboards, we at Ellicium, convert your data into instantaneous best business decisions.

What Are The Benefits?

Generating Visual Analytics and Reporting

Instant Decision making power

24×7 Asset monitoring

Real time insights into your Data

Innovative Dashboard Design

Effective BI Solutions

Success Stories

Monitoring Asset Productivity for an Industrial IoT company.

Measuring customer experience for a Telecom company.

Revenue optimization and Improved Decision making for Top 10 REIT and Hotel management companies.

Outsourced Product development for Healthcare Data Management.

Operational Analytics and Operational Intelligence for Manufacturing Company

Operational Analytics for Legal Processing Service Company

Web Analytics framework for driving marketing strategy for IoT companies.

Customer Intelligence Framework for 360 degree view of Customers for IoT companies.

Business Intelligence COE for leading media management company.

Workforce Operational Analysis for HR consultancy services.

Technology Expertise

Other Analytics services

Datawarehouse Implementation

Predictive Analytics

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