Predictive Analytics

What Is The Service?

Predictive analytics is a branch of advanced analytics used to predict future events in an organizational landscape. Inadequate foresight into business possibilities decreases project success rates and business opportunities. Here at Ellicium, our Data Analysts are equipped with technology solutions and industry best practices that help to transform businesses by gaining predictive insights into the business. Predictive analytics allows preemptive measures to mitigate organizational risks and highlight business opportunities by anticipating trending patterns.

What Are The Benefits?

Patterns and Trend Recognition

Deeper business Insights

Instantaneous decision making

Boosting Business Performance

Mitigates organizational costs and risks

A better understanding of customer needs

Optimizes Hiring processes

What Are The Components?

Data Mining

Predictive modeling

Machine learning

Data Extraction

Exploratory Data Analytics

Success Stories

IoT POC predictive analytics

Churn Prediction for Insurance Based Company

Machine failure prediction for Manufacturing Company

Other Analytics services

Datawarehouse Implementation

Reporting and Dashboards

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