Legacy System Modernization Service

What Is The Service?

IT systems that can not address contemporary challenges must undergo modernization. Most of the legacy systems were architected in an era that lacked the complexities of the world we live in today.

The huge increase in the volume, variety, and velocity of data today is posing serious challenges to the legacy systems. These legacy systems are proving to be sluggish to respond to the modern business needs and at times proving to be too complex and costly to maintain and engineer.

Thus, traditional on-premises data architectures badly need modernization.

What We Do?

We study your legacy systems and recommend a roadmap for modernization using big data technologies.

We study Mainframe applications, batch processes and datasets and implement migration to Big Data platforms leading to decommissioning of mainframe.

Archive legacy data (databases, files, documents) on Big Data platforms such as Hadoop and Elasticsearch.

Replatform legacy ETL processes on Hadoop platforms leveraging technologies such as Spark.

Offload Enterprise Datawarehouse (EDW) to Hadoop.

Are You Facing The Following Challenges?

A large number of batch processes developed in COBOL and mainframe technologies that are proving to be costly to maintain.

Historical files and data needs to be maintained for regulatory purposes but it is proving to be too complex to maintain and support.

Traditional batch processes for MIS, reporting, and data aggregation are not able to cope up with growing data volumes.

Your legacy decision support infrastructure does not support newer data such as for weblogs, audio and video files that need to be made available for analysis.

Your data scientists are itching to go for complex analytics but are constrained by limited computing power offered by your legacy infrastructure.

Talk to us if you are facing any of these challenges!

Success Stories

Ellicium helped a manufacturing company migrate legacy data on cloud-based big data platforms resulting in multimillion-dollar cost saving.

Ellicium migrated regulatory critical data and batch processes for a healthcare organization from mainframe to Hadoop helping to decommission the mainframe.

Data lake enables semless Analytics of Leacy data for Helthcare Organization

12 Aug 2020

Data lake enables semless Analytics of Leacy data for Helthcare Organization

12 Aug 2020

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