Datawarehouse Implementation

What Is The Service?

Over the last three decades, Data warehouses have become the backbone of decision making. With the increasing proliferation of business systems, data integration and data provisioning for decision making have become an important aspect for the survival of organizations. ‘Data hungry’ compliance regulations, increasing importance of unstructured data are all some of the phenomena posing challenges to the Data warehouses implementations. At Ellicium we specialize in architecture, design, and implementation of Data warehouses and data marts. Above all, we understand that a data warehouse is a business endeavor than just a pure IT initiative.

Datawarehouse Implementation Services

We provide data warehouse iamplementation consulting services.

With our extensive data modeling experience, we provide data modeling services for data warehouse and data marts.

We assist organizations in ETL and BI product selection.

Data quality assessment by data profiling and data analysis.

Design and development of data integration and ETL.

Implementation of Master data management.

Are You Facing The Following Challenges?

Does your IT team spend an enormous amount of time putting together data from multiple systems to meet user data needs?

Does your organization have a large number of reports but still struggles to respond to new reporting requests?

Have your departments built different databases for reporting but fail to arrive at a common understanding of data at cross functional level?

Does it take a long time to generate monthly / weekly reports, say 2-3 days after the end of business day?

Your users want a facility to create reports and analyze themselves but you do not have a single repository that they can use for self service reporting?

Success Stories

Ellicium formulated data strategy for a leading industrial product organization in Silicon valley and implemented the entire BI - Analytics journey including the enterprise data warehouse.

Developed a ‘Control Tower’ for CXOs of a leading consumer goods organization providing real time insights into organizational operations.

Developed an analytical platform for customer insights and 360 degree view of customers for a B2C product company.

Enterprise Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence for leading engineering manufacturing companies in India.

Other Analytics services

Predictive Analytics

Reporting and Dashboards

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