Conversational AI

What Is The Service?

Conversational AI provides intelligent conversational capabilities and experiences for the audience.

Scaling a business while consistently increasing customer satisfaction is the specialty of a Conversational AI.

We at Ellicium leverage technologies in AI, ML and NLP to develop conversational AI for businesses to serve as a platform that addresses many business problems like answering preliminary questions, Complaint Resolution, search requests, site guidance, etc. Conversational AI helps reduce delays in customer response time decreasing customer churn.

At Ellicium we provide advanced Conversational AI solutions to address detailed customer queries that require deeper insights into the organizational databases. Our advanced Conversational AI solutions can answer questions like:

  • What are the last 10 transactions by a customer?
  • Which are the spend categories that a customer spends the highest amount.
  • Which all relationships a customer holds with my organization.

We make use of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) products to extract data from organizational databases and provision the data to the conversational AI platform.

What Are The Benefits?

Decreased Customer response time

First face of interaction between potential client and Business

Step towards better customer satisfaction

Cost Efficient method of responding to customer queries

Reduces margin of Error

Success Stories

Conversational AI platform for a credit bureau improves efficiency of credit officers.

Technology Expertise

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