Cloud Engineering Services

What Is The Service?

Cloud is playing a pivotal role in an enterprise-wide digital transformation. Leveraging Cloud for acceleration of business transformation, scalability, and modernization of pre-existing applications has become the goal of every IT company.

We at Ellicium help our clients achieve their business goals by utilizing the various cloud technologies. A team of skilled professionals as Cloud architects, Cloud administrators and Cloud engineers helping clients to have a seamless experience throughout their cloud implementation journey.

What Do We Do?

Cloud Journey Roadmap:

We study existing in-house infrastructure and provide a roadmap & architecture for cloud infrastructure requirements and recommend suitable cloud service providers.

Cloud Infrastructure Set-up:

Procure cloud services as per roadmap and leverage them to build solutions.

Cloud Hybrid Architecture:

Combine in house IT resources and cloud resources/services to build optimal solutions.

Cloud Implementation:

Build solutions using most appropriate services on cloud.

Cloud data engineering:

Manage and support cloud environments post deployment

Cloud Post Deployment Support:

Provide Support & continuous improvements after the solution is deployed on cloud.

What Are the Benefits?

Get access to the skills across different cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure etc).

Cost Savings: Efficiently managing and saving costs resulting in lower TCO.

Security: Better security along with compliance with regulatory bodies / government.

Flexibility & scalability: Improved flexibility to choose services from large numbers service with desired scale within minutes.

Success Stories

Implemented Hadoop solution using AWS cloud services with daily ingest of 1 TB data from various sources.

Implemented API based, data integration solution for back end data processing of Website helping the client to execute data integration programs.

Implemented data archival solution to migrate data from legacy mainframe platform to cloud based application on MS Azure.

Cloud data engineering for a US based health care company for Cloud administration services and data management services on AWS cloud.

12 Aug 2020

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