Women In Tech – Leading by Example

Women In Tech – Leading by Example

Worldwide stats say that only 26% of computing jobs are held by women. Even in major tech companies, the percentage of women working is around 30%. A lot has been said and done to achieve gender diversity in tech. But it seems prejudices still prevail, and stories of discrimination take us back to the basic question: What are we doing wrong?

At Ellicium, 40% of our employees are female. Amusing as it may sound, we didn’t realize it even though numbers were in front of us. During the brainstorming session for Ellicium’s Vision 2020, we listed values we have stood by since our inception. And we are proud to say that diversity is one of the most important values we have always stood by.

Our conscious efforts to make Ellicium workplace encouraging for gender diversity have paid off. Ellicium, as an organization, has gained a lot by fostering diversity. We have had enriching experiences. Our team has learned a lot. And it has, in many ways, contributed to our growth.

How did we achieve this?

Conscious Efforts We made conscious efforts, right from hiring to building a daily work environment. And it is a continuous process.

Unconscious Efforts

The best way is to leave our preconceived notions behind. Though it seems easy, it can be as hard as it can get. It might be even harder in tech, where male domination is a norm. But fight it with all you might!

Stick to your values

Often, the work environment becomes hostile for the opposite gender when the values of companies are compromised. The latest allegations on UBER work culture are a horrific example of this. Keep values high, even at the cost of your growth. Again, look at the UBER example!

Encouragement and Support

These are the most clichéd but never exercised ‘words.’ Gender roles are changing, but we are still behind the expected turn. (In India, still way behind.) It is vital to create a work environment, if not just policies, conducive to women’s work. You will be surprised to realize how simple things can do wonders!


Above equal opportunities, to change the narrative, creating specific opportunities is crucial. At Ellicium, we encourage employees to pursue higher education by sponsoring it under our EDGE – Educational Development and Growth Scheme. In a typical Indian setup, women are constantly pressured to get married. We started assuring and offering opportunities to female employees who relocated to other cities due to marriage. They were promised job positions if they wanted to come back. We always keep our doors open!


The onus is upon tech companies to correct the course for all the wrong done over the years to women in tech. Even if it means going out of the way, our responsibility needs urgent action. This responsibility must be sown in each and every member of your organization.

At Ellicium, we still have a long way to go, and we do understand the challenge of sustaining this as we grow. But we believe that we have a strong foundation to build upon.

On this Women’s Day, we urge everyone to vouch to create a workplace that is accommodative for women. This would be a true celebration of this day, which has now become a marketing gimmick than anything else.