Get it… Automation is as important as lawyers for LPO’s!

Apr 2, 2021 | Blog

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Legal process outsourcing is a billion-dollar industry with fierce competition and inherent risks due to its sheer way of functioning. Disaggregation at its core, LPOs help its clients to find critical things, cutting through exponentially vast and complex data. Over the years LPO ecosystem has evolved a lot. It has been adopting technology advancements fast.
Midst of all this, LPOs have their own set of challenges. Delivery schedules are tight. Valuable resources are hard to come by and hard to retain. Managing confidentiality is critical issue which might endanger the very existence of LPO. In legal discovery work, many tasks are still manual and repetitive, prone to human errors.
At Ellicium, we have developed text analytics platform for analyzing text data generated from various sources. While contemplating on how this platform can be used for various business domains, we stumbled upon LPOs where there are lots of documents to be analysed.
Our research revealed that, many LPOs monitor lots of legal websites to know latest verdicts or change in compliance. These changes are then downloaded as documents and classified as per objectives. All this happens manually!
While talking to LPO industry leaders, we found that there is dire need of automation of this process. After extensive research, development and understanding legal domain thoroughly; we developed solution for automation of legal discovery using artificial intelligence. The tool includes monitoring legal websites, automated downloads, identification of important changes and document classification based on that. It automates the whole process of monitoring, downloading and classification.
I did an extensive research on how LPOs are leveraging automation.

This discussion posted on American Bar Association caught my attention. Taking cue from it, it is evident that automation of repetitive tasks done by lawyers is essential, so they can focus more on important things.
Our recent implementation of this solution at leading KPO would save 85% human effort & result in multi-million-dollar cost saving over a 3yr period. Just imagine the possibilities LPO or for that matter legal domain as whole can achieve by allocating these 85% saved resource on things that matter?

  • Features and benefits of our Legal Discovery Automation Tool:

    1.  Consistency and accuracy
    2.  Payback period of 3 months
    3. End to end automation
    4. Smooth transformation from manual to automation
    5. Proven solution exceeding industry accepted accuracy standards
    6. Can be executed on commodity hardware
    7.  Time saving: Get your time back!
    8. Cost saving
    9. Encapsulate your IP
    10. Avoid human errors
    12.  Stay ahead of competition

    Man, replacing machine is clichéd and sceptical approach. In my view, automation is boost to humans to exhibit their capabilities where it matters the most. In the same spirit, Ellicium’s legal discovery automation tool is capsulated to empower lawyers. Inspired from the same, I strongly feel that automation is as important as lawyers for LPOs to fully utilise their potential.

    Team at Ellicium is currently in the process of demonstrating this solution to leaders in legal data and discovery domain. Does it interest you? Get in touch! Just leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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