Ellicium’s Web Analytics is Transforming the Nature of Marketing

Ellicium’s Web Analytics is Transforming the Nature of Marketing

I looked at our company’s Google Analytics data a few days back. Google Analytics holds significant information. The Google Analytics dashboards have been bifurcated in the following sections:

  • Audience – The geography, technology, and device information of my website users.
  • Acquisition – The keywords, AdWords, and social networks that generate more traffic on my website.
  • Behavior – The behavior of the users on the web pages, for example, which pages they prefer to visit first or the interaction flow of the users from one page to another on my website.

There were so many dashboards containing various information (although data for me!). I felt lost in a huge data lake. All this data was good, but I realized an advanced analytics level is impossible in GA-like.

  • Comparing the trend of popular pages of my website over a period was impossible in GA.
  • Capturing the hourly traffic based on the traffic sources.

I thought it would be more meaningful if I made a story of only relevant information from the Google Analytics data and enhanced the insights from the available data. So, I tried creating Custom dashboards in Google Analytics. This was helpful, yet something needed to be added. The Google Analytics information is required to be completed.

While considering this, I realized that we don’t capture only Google Analytics, but we also capture analytics information from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It was the time when we decided to aggregate all this information and show it in a single dashboard.

It gave birth to Ellicium’s Web Analytics Solution.

What does Ellicium’s Web Analytics Solution do?

We collect data from various sources like Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The data gets aggregated and is visualized on a dashboard.

Some of the interesting insights that we achieved from the dashboard are –

  • Which sources are contributing to more traffic to our website? How much? What pattern is found in this traffic?
  • Based on the traffic, which sources do you wish to invest more in?
  • Which marketing campaigns are helping you generate more traffic?
  • Which hashtags are more powerful?
  • The correlation between all these different dimensions, like Hashtags, Tweets, Posts, Sources, Pages, and Adwords, is found, and analytics is built on top of this.

Since this solution has been implemented, we have made interesting progress on the effectiveness of Marketing.

For further details about Ellicium’s offerings, please visit our

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