The 2017 Year in Review – The Magical Year

The 2017 Year in Review – The Magical Year

‘Go as far as you can see, and you will see further’ – J. P. Morgan

This was the quote on the front cover of the 2017 yearly diary given to every Ellician. Living true to the spirit of that quote, in 2017, team Ellicium passionately continued the journey of conviction, steadily achieving coveted grails and winning the applause of many. With increased team size, our craziness has just grown 10-fold. If 2016 was a year of growth, then 2017 was a year of further and grand manifestation! And for all this, we say a big thank you to our clients, partners, and mentors. Your encouragement has made us bravely take a step to challenge the status quo.

Here is bidding adieu to 2017, recalling all its magnificent moments


  • The Ellicium team grew by 80% in the last one year. Along with young, talented champs, we now boast a versatile and experience-rich senior leadership team. At the same time, we are proud of our below 1% attrition rate!
  • As envisioned in 2016, we productized our offerings. This year, we launched our text analytics platform called ’Gadfly.’ It is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop text analytics tool that can help businesses easily get insights from their text data. In 2018, we will launch the next version of ‘Gadfly.’ In its six months of life, it has already caught the fancy of the Big 5
  • We were eager to be as diverse and accommodative as possible, so we had our first international intern, Baptiste Thomas. In his three months of internship at Ellicium, he proved that dedication and commitment go a long way. He contributed immensely, along with being a great family member.
  • Continuing our recognition spree, Ellicium Solutions was recognized this year as one of the ’20 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers’ by CIO Review India magazine.
  • Ellicium sponsored the ‘Pune Data Conference’ held in Pune in April. It was an excellent experience for the team to interact with industry peers. Our CEO Kuldeep delivered a session on ‘Next Generation Text Analytics,’ which was greatly appreciated and applauded. Our showcase at the conference, Gadfly, was an instant hit with participants. It generated tremendous curiosity and amazing discussions.
  • By the way, we turned 5 this year. A milestone worth celebrating!
  • We have always believed in encouraging and helping the academic world with whatever we can. Ellicium Solutions Inc. signed an MOU with the Institute of Industrial And Computer Management And Research, Pune, to make our contribution more structured and concrete. First of its kind for us, we hope to get an opportunity to enhance students’ skills, bridging the gap between industry and academics. As an effect of this MOU, the team from Ellicium will conduct a series of improvement programs for students at IICMR, focusing on their computer programming and communication skills.

Partnered with OmnesLaw

  • In August, we partnered with OmnesLaw to implement Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation solutions for the Legal Industry, leveraging Ellicium’s Gadfly platform. OmnesLaw provides technology and consulting services in Contract Lifecycle Management, Legal Research, and Regulatory Compliance. We enthusiastically look forward to this partnership and deem it a pathway for great opportunities to revolutionize the legal industry.
  • Recognition and appreciation are inherent values that we celebrate. All year, we recognize all the efforts put forth by Ellicians. Here are some snaps from the ‘Star Performer’ and ‘Silent Killer’ award ceremony.
  • This year, we developed a comprehensive training program on Big Data and analytics for those joining Ellicium as freshers. Our first batch of Sharvari, Tushar, and Sujata underwent this two-month-long training. They got to learn Big Data and Analytics in depth. Our senior team devoted significant efforts to training juniors and worked with them, empowering them with all the industry wisdom. It was terrific to see the fresher’s dedication and desire to learn. They are now ready to shine through their acquired prowess. We celebrated this with a little ceremony by awarding and recognizing everyone’s efforts.

To improve it further, we plan to have version 2.0 of this training in 2018

  • We have developed comprehensive Big Data Managed Services to expand the horizon of Big Data capabilities. This aims to help businesses with their Big Data needs and take all their worries away when it comes to data infrastructure management. We have a super senior and competent team as custodian of this. We believe this service will be a game-changer in 2018!
  • Much of 2017 was about enhancing our capabilities; it was immensely about empowering our clients and partners. Along with adding new clients to our kitty, we have kept client retention as excellent as last year.
  • To elaborate a bit about a few new clients, we are now helping one of the biggest paper mills in India with their BI needs and a subsidiary of a large insurance firm with its Big Data needs.
  • We had doubled our Pune office space last year. But that place also could not accommodate our ambitions. So now, we have shifted to an even bigger space. It has a seating capacity of 150, along with world-class infrastructure. As they say, it is about the great journey than the destination. It has been a fantastic journey from a single room in 2012 to our current address. Growth is such a magical thing!

After lots of discussions, training, and client work, and given our passion, 2018 will be a year of Big Data, Artificial intelligence, and Analytics for Ellicium.

If 2016 was the year of growth for Ellicium, then 2017 was the year of going far beyond it! Taking inspiration from what J. P. Morgan’s quote mentioned in the beginning, with all our passion, we are moving further and excited to witness what is ahead in 2018.

Once again, like last year, with a head full of dreams and a twinkle in our eyes, we wish you all a Happy New Year! Cheers!