Data-Driven Enterprises Need an Expert Managed Services Partner

Data-Driven Enterprises

You have a robust data strategy in place. You have invested heavily in a bunch of data platforms. You have a dedicated team for data analytics and reporting. Yet, you struggle to turn data into insights and insights into action. Have you wondered why?

Data Has Become Crucial to Enterprise Decision-Making

As your business grows, you must evolve and become faster, better, cheaper, and simpler than your competitors. If you want to be on top of the game, you need to be able to continuously gather, process, store, manage, and share data generated from different sources and make it available to those who need it quickly.

Whether you want to better cater to customer needs, proactively detect system or process issues, boost your sales figures, or level up your productivity, data lies at the foundation of every business decision.

Having the right data in the form of insights at your disposal can help you upgrade your business model, extract business intelligence, and surpass your competitors. Effective data management can also enable you to improve productivity and efficiency, mitigate evolving risks, and drive better financial performance. In short, data is fundamental to the successful advancement of your growing business.

But With Data Volumes Growing, Analytics at Speed and Scale Is the Need of the Hour

Data volumes are growing constantly; therefore, it has become crucial to perform analytics at speed and scale. But this puts pressure on IT teams who struggle to build and maintain a highly capable, available, high-performance data architecture.

The several inherent issues in the data management approach, which aren’t given the attention they need, restrict organizations from becoming truly data-driven.

An in-house team can ensure your Hadoop cluster has the best configuration, but are they proficient enough to help you meet your SLAs?
Let’s look at the top challenges of managing data analytics in-house:

Poor Quality of Data

Extensive data cleansing and processing are extremely critical for data analytics tools to work their magic. But given the volume, velocity, and variety of data generated every single minute from sensors, systems, reports, customer interactions, etc., in-house teams struggle to fix and remove incorrect, corrupted, wrongly formatted, duplicate, and incomplete data within large and complex datasets. It leads to poor-quality data and, eventually, poor business decisions.

Improper Authentication

In-house data teams are burdened with a sundry list of tasks, making it difficult for them to focus on the security aspects of data analytics. Poor authentication and authorization mechanisms can cause unauthorized users to access data, leading to far-reaching data security breach incidents.

Failed Jobs

An in-house team that works 9-5 cannot manage the data enterprise 24×7. Failed jobs caused during non-working hours are not analyzed or restarted due to the unavailability of resources, causing adverse business impacts. Similarly, failed downstream system jobs due to non-completion of Hadoop jobs on time can also lead to unfavourable outcomes.

Reactive Management

Most in-house data analytics teams are also inept at proactively managing their data infrastructure. Since most failures are noticed only after incidents have happened, the approach to data management is very reactive when it should be proactive.

The Benefits of Working with an Expert Managed Services Partner

If you want to achieve maximum ROI from growing investment in data analytics, you need to be able to manage your Business Intelligence, Data Science & Big Data infrastructure effectively. While your in-house data engineers can help deal with day-to-day issues, it becomes cumbersome for them to efficiently solve daily operational challenges – without losing focus on business objectives.

Continuous data growth, ever-evolving user needs, and the demand for 24/7 uptime require skilled and highly proficient ongoing monitoring and support. Working with an expert Managed Services partner can allow you to preserve your overall business objectives.

By bringing expertise across different aspects of data management, an expert partner can help scale your Big Data implementation, solve operational challenges, and allow your in-house team to focus on business objectives and innovation. An expert Managed Services partner can also empower your business to focus on what you do best and care for all your Big Data needs – end-to-end. With a partner like Ellicium on board, you can:

  • Streamline big data operations and ensure minimal downtime.
  • Have access to skilled resources on-demand and overcome the growing data analytics skills gap
  • Get transparent and real-time insights into cluster health.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in availability and total cost of ownership.
  • Get access to best practices and reusable methodologies.
  • Stay up to date on the latest data science trends and advances.
  • Receive 24/7 support and around-the-clock performance monitoring.
  • Implement and update necessary authentication and authorization measures for optimum security.
  • Receive regular reports and dashboards on data health, availability, and issues.
  • Ensure periodic backup of critical enterprise data with industry-standard SLAs.
  • Enable continuous upgrades, patches, and migration.

The Bottom Line

In today’s data-obsessed world, unearthing timely insight from growing volumes of data has become a top priority for the C-suite. But despite investing in modern data tools like Hadoop and ensuring the best configuration, most falter on their SLAs (and goals).

Suppose you want to transform into a successful data-driven enterprise. In that case, you must move away from in-house data management and embrace the knowledge, skill, and proficiency of an expert Managed Services Partner.

If you want to outsource your data and analytics services, we can help! At Ellicium, we offer a comprehensive suite of Business Intelligence & Data Visualization, Data Science and Big Data Managed Services to organizations of all types and sizes. Contact us and allow us to become your growth partner today!