Big Data Implementation Roadmap

What Is The Service?

With growing investment in big data infrastructures, it is essential to manage your Big Data infrastructure effectively. Even if you have in-house data engineers, it becomes cumbersome for them to efficiently solve daily Big Data operational challenges without losing focus on business objectives. Continuous data growth, ever-evolving user needs and demand of 24*7 uptime requires ongoing monitoring and support to your Big Data infrastructure. Not having it can jeopardize the overall business objectives. Also, scaling your Big Data implementation can be challenging in the absence of expertise. Outsourcing your Big Data operations solves these challenges and gives your team time to focus on business objectives and innovation.

Our proven Big Data Managed Services help to streamline Big Data operations. We empower businesses to focus on what they do best, by taking care of their Big Data infrastructure needs.

How Do Our Managed Services Offering Benefit You?

With Ellicium’s Big Data managed services organizations can:

Streamline Big Data Operations and ensure minimal downtime.

Get transparent and real-time insights into cluster health

Continuous improvement in availability and total cost of ownership (TCO)

Get access to best practices and reusable methodologies

Stay up to date on technology advances

Services We Provide


  • 24 * 7 Support for Hadoop Cluster, OS and Cloud platform
  • Performance monitoring using technologies such as Ganglia and Grafana
  • Resolve Yarn, Hive and Hbase Region Server Issues, Spark Data Management Issues.
  • AD/MIT Kerberos security implementation and authorization using Ranger/Sentry.
  • Incident Management, Troubleshooting issues
  • Periodic reporting related to availability and issues
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery.


  • Cluster planning for storage and processing
  • Design, install and configure Hadoop clusters
  • Upgrades, patches, and migration
  • Cluster as well as Application Performance Optimization

Success Stories

Ellicium manages Hadoop infrastructure for a leading credit bureau. The infrastructure includes 5 clusters of varying complexities and technology stacks.

Managed services for Hadoop infrastructure of a cloud based IoT product company.

Provided Hadoop managed Services for a telecom and Entertainment industry giant.

Are You Facing The Following Problems?

  • Our Hadoop cluster is having the best configuration, but we are not able to meet our SLAs.
  • Data security breach incidents where users access data which they are not authorized to use.
  • Business impact due to jobs failure on non-working hours which cannot be analyzed and restarted due to unavailability of resources.
  • Incidents of MapReduce or Spark job failure due to non-availability of “actually available” data.
  • Downstream system jobs are failing due to non-completion of Hadoop jobs on time.
  • Infrastructure failures are noticed only after incidents have happened; we want to predict the infra failure.

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