Big Data Implementation Roadmap

What Is The Service?

Based on where your organization is on the Big Data journey, Ellicium’s Big Data Implementation Roadmap will help you to adopt the latest in Big Data technologies in a risk-free manner.


  • For those organizations who are yet to embark on the Big Data journey
    our Roadmap begins with a Needs and Readiness assessment followed by educating business users on what to expect from Big Data technologies. It then helps you identify Big Data tools to support your specific business objectives and culminates in building a Minimum Viable Solution (MVS) to give you an exact idea of how Big Data will add value to your business.
  • For those organizations who have adopted Big Data
    Our Roadmap helps you realize full value from the investment by doing an assessment of your Big Data implementation, provides concrete recommendations to address lacunae and helps you adopt best practices of Data Governance and Security. Other services include Cluster Sizing to make sure your Big Data implementation has optimum resources, Performance Tuning of long-running data pipelines and Technology upgrades.

What Are The Benefits of Our Approach?

Tried and tested approach gives increased success rate in adopting and enhancing Big Data technologies

Use of accelerators like Cluster Sizing tool, Performance Tuning guidelines and Hadoop Migration methodology ensures rapid turnaround while achieving business objectives

Do You Have The Following Questions ?

Do I need Big Data?

How do I make my Business Users believe in the business benefits of Big Data?

Do I need a Data Warehouse or a Data Mart or a Data Lake?

How long will it take to implement a working prototype for Big Data which I can showcase my CXOs?

My data pipelines are running longer than expected. Can someone optimize them for me?

I am setting up a cluster but I don’t know how many nodes my Hadoop cluster needs to have. Can someone help me?

There is a performance issue with my big data cluster. What do I do?

Talk to us if you have one or more of the above questions and we’ll be happy to help with the answers!

Success Stories

Ellicium prepared a Big Data Implementation roadmap for one of Asia's Industrial Assets Monitoring companies which allowed it to migrate from Oracle to a Hadoop based platform with superior data processing capabilities and thereby become one of the leading Top 20 IOT companies in Asia

Ellicium prepared and implemented a detailed roadmap for a Hadoop based Data Lake for one of India's leading Telecom companies which is helping them measure customer experience in terms of data usage, network speeds and also predict customer churn

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