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What do we do ?

Businesses need to make better and faster decisions by analyzing data to stay competitive and future-ready in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. Just increasing accessibility to data can result in business benefits. In short, we are now living in a Data Economy!

At the same time, the explosion in data volume, complexity and sheer velocity of data makes it a challenge for any organization to access and derive insights effectively. Big Data technologies are a vital aid to combat these challenges! Big Data has a variety of tools and technologies to manage vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. At Ellicium, our expertise in architecting, designing and implementing Big Data Solutions has enabled our clients to overcome the hurdles of adopting Big Data technologies and reveal insights which they were hitherto unaware of.

We ultimately help businesses to realize business value from Big Data implementations.

Big Data Sevices

Big Data Implementation Roadmap

Big Data Managed Services

Data Lake Implementation

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Legacy System Modernization

How We Help

Defining Big Data implementation roadmap and governance processes.

Enhancing ROI on Big Data initiatives

Enhancing performance and efficiency of Big Data systems.

Giving access to the necessary Big Data skills.

Implementation of comprehensive security frameworks for Big Data systems.

Swiftly managing Big Data support services.

Success Stories

Provided Big Data managed services to the world’s leading media company, a leading credit bureau and multiple other companies

Developed Data Lakes for world’s leading Insurance conglomerate, a leading beverage company & hotel management company

Developed a scalable IoT platform based on Big Data ecosystem for Asia’s leading Industrial IoT company

Cost saving for the customer using Big Data/Cloud technologies

Data Archival from Mainframe to Hadoop for a Healthcare company

Developed an application for a leading Healthcare Insurance regulatory body for fraud detection using big data technologies

Migrated data and processing for petabyte scale databases for Astrophysics department of a leading university in the US

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