Artificial Intelligence

What Is The Service?

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence and human thinking process by computers. Advances in computing and large scale availability of data has lead to massive advances in AI over the last decade. Slowly but surely Artificial Intelligence is set to become one of the strongest drivers for business growth and innovation. Artificial Intelligence is surely moving from science fiction to business fact!

Artificial Intelligence Sevices

Data Science As A Service

Robotic Process Automation

Conversational AI

How We Help

Drawing an AI Roadmap tailored for an organization. With our experience of multi million dollar ROI on AI initiatives, we know what businesses can achieve if they invest in AII.

Automating manual processes, mainly data and knowledge intensive processes by using Cognitive Automation.

Providing chatbots and text / speech based assistants to automate communication within an organization and with customers leading to highly personalized customer experience with a lower manual effort.

Our AI experts work with clients to develop and implement long term AI and Data Science roadmap by providing data science as a service.

Success Stories

Ellicium developed an AI based recruitment process that reduces recruitment effort by over 80%.

Our AI team implemented Cognitive automation of legal document summarization leading to a saving of $1 M

Ellicium has helped multiple organizations leverage Conversational AI capabilities making their customer service processes more efficient.

Our data scientists have developed a comprehensive early warning system for helping to predict failure of machines.

Ellicium helps a leading audit firm leverage cognitive automation for automated regulation monitoring.

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