What Is The Service?

Analytics puts your data to work. Analytics let’s data speak stories about your business. Companies can get insights into their business operations, customers, financials, people and competitors by leveraging analytics. Analytics also lets you predict and hence plan the future course of action.
In short, analytics helps organizations derive value from data.

With a cumulative experience spanning decades of analytics implementation, Ellicium can be your partner in the analytics journey.

Analytics Sevices

Datawarehouse Implementation

Predictive Analytics

Reporting And Dashboards

How We Help

Defining organizational BI and analytics strategy

Analyzing data assets in the organization and recommending data strategy.

Development of enterprise data warehouse and data marts.

Development of reporting solutions by leveraging modern BI technologies.

Mobile BI and dashboard development

Migration of legacy datawarehouse and BI solutions to newer technologies.

Predictive analytics solutions such as forecasting of sales, production etc.

Implementation of master data management and Metadata management solutions for better data governance.

Develop a data governance roadmap for the organization.

Success Stories

Ellicium formulated data strategy for a leading industrial product organization in Silicon valley and implemented the entire BI - Analytics journey.

Developed a ‘Control Tower’ for CXOs of a leading consumer goods organization providing real time insights into organizational operations.

Developed analytics strategy for a leading Australian fintech organization.

Developed a predictive analytics system for forecasting sales, inventory and production for a consumer goods organization.

Developed an analytical platform for customer insights and 360 degree view of customers for a B2C product company.

Technology Expertise

Our other services

Big Data Engineering


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